P3: Project Presentations


Each team will prepare and deliver a 15-minute presentation describing your course project. The goal of the presentation is to explain to others the topic you investigated, including the questions you hoped to answer, the data you collected to answer them, your results, and any lessons you learned from carrying out the study. Your target audience is like-minded data scientists, so please feel free to include details of your data collection and analysis efforts whenever they would enlighten the discussion.

Note: attendance to class during both days final presentations is mandatory and will be counted as part of your grade.


Presentations are scheduled on the final two class sessions. Here is the schedule:

Presentation requirements

Your presentation should cover the following topics:

All project members should speak during the presentation in roughly equal proportion. How you divide up responsibility is up to you. You may use presentation slides if you wish. If you have a working prototype of any graphs using the Google Chart Tools, you may demonstrate those as well. Please note that this is not required, however, as the assignment is not due until after the presentations are finished.